The Grove Ecosystem

The Lempert Report
November 05, 2015

An aquaponics system in your living room.

Increasingly innovative startups are looking for ways to grow fresh produce in controlled, indoor settings, and many of these companies we’ve talked to ourselves, such as MightVine or Bright Farms. But what about being able to take this idea into your own living room?  Grove, a Boston-based startup will soon be offering just that with its Grove Ecosystem.

Gabe Blanchet, Grove CEO and Co-Founder "The Grove Ecosystem is an intelligent indoor system where you can grow your own fresh salad greens, culinary herbs, crops like peppers, tomatoes right in the comfort of your own home, all year round.

The Grove Ecosystem is powered by aquaponics which is a natural cycle where you have fish, beneficial bacteria and plants living in the symbiosis so you're constantly recirculating water from the aquarium which is right at the base, up through the gardening bed on an intelligent schedule that we set for you depending on what you're growing. 

There's never really been a consumer accessible in home aquaponics system, like the Grove Ecosystem. Aquaponics is a tried a true technology a lot of greenhouses around the world use it because it's such an elegant and beautiful way to use resources and maximize flavorful output,  but the Grove ecosystem is really one of the first products to bring Aquaponics into the home in an accessible, inspiring cabinet. 

The Grove OS serves 3 main functions, the first is that it really guides you step by step and teaches you how to use your ecosystem.

The second is that it gives you easy access to any of the tools that you'll need including seeds, nutrients, fish food - all sorts of supplies that are curated through us you can buy them really easily through the app.

The third is community and support, there are a lot of people that are just starting with this and they want to learn and see what other people are growing, and interact with a community in a  non intimidating way. I think there are a ton of benefits to having a Grove Ecosystem the first is easy access to fresh delicious flavorful produce. 

With the Grove Ecosystem one of the main benefits is that you're literally harvesting and eating minutes later.  Food waste is a tremendous issue in the industry today and I hope the Grove ecosystem can inspire and educate people at home, offices, schools restaurants to think differently about how we source our food and how much of it goes into our stomachs.

We recently launched a Kickstarter that's going to run until Dec 10, we'll begin delivering these Kickstarter units in march of next year."