The Key to Breakfast

The Lempert Report
February 27, 2015

The meal that everyone wants, but not eating

Most people these days agree that eating breakfast puts the body on the right track for the rest of the day. Consumers generally accept that there is a connection between eating a good breakfast and having a healthy lifestyle.   

Despite good intentions, however, according to Technomic’s “The Breakfast Consumer Trend Report,”  most people are still skipping this important meal. The report found 63% of consumers believe it’s unhealthy to skip breakfast, but only 26% actually eat breakfast every day. The statistics improve with consumers who eat breakfast sometimes: eight out of 10, but yet when it comes down to choosing what they will actually eat for breakfast, most consumers go for convenience rather than nutrition.  According to Technomic’s report, 37% of consumers skip breakfast because of lack of time.

In today's fast paced lifestyles consumers want, and need, portable "grab and go" options, but ones that still provide some good nutrition. 

What can supermarkets take away from this data? Shoppers recognize the need for a healthy start to the day but,  by and large, they are not finding the time to make it happen. Supermarkets can help by driving customers to products that are healthy and convenient. Offer tips on which foods and ingredients constitute a healthy breakfast and then through displays, samples, promotions, highlight breakfast options that can be made quickly or eaten on the go.  Its common to see recipe ideas, samples and suggestions on how to put together a quick, healthy and economic dinner, why not take this same approach to breakfast. Appeal to the time poor shopper who'd love to start the day with a nutritious breakfast but probably never does!