The REAL Truth About Organics

The Lempert Report
August 31, 2022

Phil: The Washington post printed, reprinted, a story out of Consumer Reports about four common questions to ask about organic foods survey of over 2200 people. What did they find? 

Sally: Well, it's good to revisit this topic. I believe because I think there is some confusion out there, but they found that 42% said they thought organic food was more nutritious and 66% thought it was better at limiting their exposure to pesticides or fertilizers. 

Phil: Yeah. And there's always been, you know, so much confusion. We've talked about it for years about organics. Organics are not healthier. Most people do think that they are healthier. Certainly when it comes to pesticides, there's a benefit there, but it's a great read in Consumer Reports or in the Washington Post, really to understand what your customers are thinking about organics. And what's true, and what's not.