The Spoon has Kicked off the First-Ever Food-Robotics Event

The Lempert Report
June 17, 2019

It’s called ArticulAte and focuses on all things robots, from the technology itself to business and regulatory issues surrounding it.

The Spoon​​​​​​ says that when you stop and look around the food industry, whether it’s new restaurants embracing automation or companies changing the way we get our groceries, it’s easy to see why the food robotics market is projected to be a $3.1 billion market by 2025.

But there’s no one way to make a robot, and so to give you a sense of who’s who in this space, and to celebrate the start of ArticulAte, The Spoon’s editors put together this market map of the food robotics landscape.

The agenda for the event included these topics:

  • Rethinking Grocery in the Era of Automation 
  • Restaurants: The Front and Back of House 
  • Hyperlocal Food Factories 
  • Robotics For the Last Mile 
  • 24 Hour Storefronts: Automation At Point of Sales 
  • Robot Understanding and Acting in a Messy, Human World 
  • Building Towards Integrated Robot, Human Work Environments 
  • Overcoming The Big Technical Challenges With Food Robotics 
  • Forecasting, Personalization & Customer Service Challenges for Robotic Retail 
  • How To Make Good Experiences (and Food) With Robotics 
  • Developing a Robotics Roadmap for Restaurants at Scale 
  • Designing Robots for Human-Centered Experiences 
  • How Creator Rebuilt the Burger Restaurant 
  • How to Navigate Skepticism and Fear around Automation in Food 

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