TikTok Retailer Recipes

The Lempert Report
June 01, 2023

Phil: So there's an interesting cook for lack of a better word Cassie Young, who on TikTok, has been doing different meals different Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific meals And her step-by-step cooking tutorials have racked up more than 37 million likes. It attracted the producers over at Good Morning America that had her. Come on, But what's the learning for just about every retailer, grocery retailer that's out there, when we look at what she's doing on TikTok? 
Sally:  Well, Phil, as you know, we are in Asian American Native, Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and so this is a great time to spotlight a creator like this, a TikTok creator like this, Cassie Young, who has 37 million likes on her step-by-step tutorials on how to cook Asian dishes. 
Sally:  We have over 20 million people in the US that identify as Asian, native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander That's according to the 2022 US Census And we, as Americans, love Asian food, but we don't always know how to replicate those wonderful dishes. We don't know where to get those ingredients. We just don't know how to do it unless someone like Cassie Young shows us. So, as a retailer, Cassie Young is a great opportunity for you to share this kind of content, these kinds of creators out there that are showing your shoppers how to make these dishes, but also showing them where to find these ingredients in your store. And if you don't have the exact ingredients, what is a good substitute for those? Or showing people how you can take this beef with broccoli dish, this Asian dish, and turn it into a plant-based dish. There's a lot of opportunity to embrace what creators are doing on TikTok and apply that to what's in your store and your shoppers. 
Phil: And also, what a lot of retailers have done, especially during the pandemic, is they put up their own recipes and so on, and that's great if you've got somebody who's good at it, but if not, use what's on TikTok. Why not Just follow those TikTok influencers with great recipes that you like And you save some money, you save some production value and you get that message out there with a more authentic way. So I think that's really important.