Trader Joes BTS

The Lempert Report
June 15, 2022

Phil: So Trader Joe's, are they just being opportunistic about this whole K-pop thing? 

Sally: Well, I dunno, you know, they've got such a cool culture at Trader Joe's tha I've always enjoyed when I go to a Trader Joe's. You feel like the employees are having a lot of fun working there, and I'm not sure if that's because they're making more money than the average store clerk does. I think that we talked about that crew members at Trader Joe's make an average of $14 an hour, compared to the average with the average across all stores is $9.99 an hour. But I also think that they let them have a little bit more fun. They create the artwork and the signage that's in the store. And this story that we're talking about today is really cool to me where a bunch of the crew members got together and created a bunch of artwork to promote products based on the band, the K-pop band BTS, which I mean is huge. Their song dynamite, Phil, has 1.4 billion plays on just on Spotify. So... 

Phil: Unbelievable. Unbelievable. And frankly, it's, it's really smart because it keeps Trader Joe's relevant to a younger audience. Rather than just relying on, you know, the shopper base that they have by doing stuff like this, they're bringing new people into their store.