Trader Joe's Emotional Connections

The Lempert Report
December 15, 2022

Phil: Let's talk about Trader Joe's on a much happier note. Trader Joe's just won an award, not an award. They came out number one in a survey from the brand intimacy study from M B L M. They have an analysis of 1.4 billion words that are used by consumers in discussion of brands. And they found that Trader Joe's is the leader in creating emotional connections with its customers. No surprise, I mean, every time I go to Trader Joe's, I wanna wear one of those shirts and I wanna ring those bells. 

Sally: Yeah, you just wanna hang out with the people that work there, don't you? They're always so happy. And the store is colorful and friendly. They vary their products that they're offering at d different times and they create a lot of hype and excitement around new products. So it isn't surprising. Now, what do you think of Costco being second on the list? Phil? 

Phil: I was shocked. Because I like Costco. I think that the Costco, meat department is probably the best meat department in, in the nation. But you know, as far as friendly service or, or just having, you know, the same camaraderie in the store, I don't get that from my Costco. Do you? 

Sally: We we don't shop at Costco because we don't have one close to us. So, it's been a long time since I've actually been in a store, but I remember it as being, you know, it's a lot bigger than a Trader Joe's. And so I was also surprised to see Costco as number two.