Ugly Fruit Fails

The Lempert Report
March 03, 2022

Phil: There's some ugly fruit fails. Tell me about that, Sally. I don't have that.

Sally: Okay. Well we've all, we've seen a lot of programs fill that where we're trying to promote the the fruit, the ugly fruit produce that doesn't look perfect, that not necessarily everybody wants to, to buy in the supermarket. So they reduce the prices and try to sell it other ways. But I don't think it's worked that well. So now there's, there's a new study out. That's saying that, you know, suggesting we should use a remove and replace strategy and that supermarkets can actually make more money using the strategy. And what that means is that they take the blemish fruit and they donate that to food banks, and they always have pretty produce on their, on their shelves and they can charge a higher price for that because people will pay a higher price if it looks great.

Phil: Yeah. Good point. And to your point, the ugly fruit just hasn't worked even there's some retailers around the globe that have given it away to people. People just don't want it. We've conditioned consume that that apple has to be big and red and shiny and unblemished. So back to our wedding story.

Sally: Yes.