USDA's $70M Alaska Salmon Investment

The Lempert Report
May 23, 2023

USDA is saving Alaska salmon. What they've done is they've invested $70 million and bought Alaska Sockeye for different food assistance programs around the country. And I think that this is terrific, not only for Alaska. I love Alaska seafood. I love the Alaska seafood marketing board. But what it also does for these participants in food assistance programs, it's giving them healthier food. 

Sally: Yes, I agree, Phil, this is a wonderful thing to do to support the fishermen in Alaska or fisherwomen as well. But also a 2021 study was published on the National Library of Medicine and it estimated that 90% of US citizens do not meet the recommendation for seafood consumption. Now, the reason we want to eat seafood if we're not vegan, is we wanna get that omega-3 fed fatty acid. Our bodies cannot produce that without us getting it from food or some other form. And so we wanna get those nutrients because they're really good for our heart and our brain. 

Phil: Absolutely. And I love this program. The only thing that I don't like about it is the federal process of buying and distributing food is cumbersome. It took eight months, eight months for USDA to agree to make this purchase of Alaska salmon. And that's just way too long. But the good news is that it's going to food assistance program, better health, better nutrition, and as we talk about better health and nutrition.