Using rocket science to perfect your cooking!

The Lempert Report
April 23, 2015

Check out this new kitchen innovation.

Who doesn't love a little help in the kitchen?  Well here's a new, innovative kitchen tool coming to market, which will not only help, but will make sure your food is cooked to precision every time... while you sit back, and relax! Check out, the Cinder Sensing Cooker.

Eric Norman, Co-Founder & CEO,  Cinder The Cinder Sensing Cooker is a precision countertop electric appliance that lets you cook restaurant quality food at home. We've taken precision temperature control and made it in an easy form factor. It's as familiar as a Panini press and you get results like you get in a great high quality restaurant.

It’s familiar, you just put the food right in. It's two sided, just like Panini press and found it was really easy to use. It's really a ground up redesign. It requires highly accurate sensors, it's an enclosed cooking area.

We're tracking things like the energy usage, and we add advanced control software that's powering the cooker. So for example, the temperature control algorithm was borrowed from satellite positioning control. My CTO started his career in aerospace and he pulled some of this rocket science technology to help us create the best cooking device for the home.

The app lets you set specific foods or do more complex things like save your preferences, or get some recipes for the first time you can really put the cook book in the software because the cooker is so precise. This has never really been possible before. What we can do is have something that's specific for steak, which is medium rare or rare. Or for fish, which is tender or flaky. Or onions which are caramelized. So we really give you a better experience we find, by letting you use an app.

Let’s say you want to cook a steak on this thing, traditionally you throw the steak on,  you're hovering over're making sure its not going to burn. Your entire focus is on your steak. Here what you do, you put it in the cinder, you pull out your iPad, you say you want it medium rare, you hit start and 30 minutes later it lets you know that its done.

We're really making a quantum leap forward here with what it's like to cook and hoping to get people to experience that as quickly as possible.