Virtual Campus

The Lempert Report
May 30, 2022

Phil: While we talk a lot here about the metaverse, we really haven't focused on the job opportunities that exist there, Sally what's happening on the meta job front?

Sally: Accenture is setting the stage for a potentially exciting and effective way to train new employees from India to Spain, to California, the company has created a virtual campus called one Accenture park. They're going to be onboarding approximately 150,000 new hires. And so in this digital replica of their offices, where they meet on the end floor, each employee has their own avatar where they can learn and connect with other employees. According to their research learners, forget 70% of training content within 24 hours and nearly 90% of it in a month. So that that's losing a lot of their training. So possibly this immersive fully simulated environment could create more opportunity for engaging all the human senses and yielding a more affecting learning experience. And also now that we have experienced the consequences of a pandemic, could this also be a proactive way of setting up employees for remote work if needed? I think this approach to training could create exciting opportunities for supermarkets to virtually teach inspire and foster community with their employees. 

Phil: And that's exactly what, you know, Nill Gillespie from Microsoft before that IBM, you know, save a lot super value AMT. His background is phenomenal, and this is exactly what he's gonna be talking about tomorrow on our metaverse webcast. So it's a lot of training opportunities that we've got for retailers and for business in general, on the metaverse. Thanks Sally.