Voyage Foods Allergens

The Lempert Report
December 08, 2022

Phil: Let's talk about Voyage Foods. How they're changing the way we think about healthier and alternative foods. 

Sally: Yeah. So Voyage Foods is a company that's really interesting because their model is very different than some other things that we've seen out there. And what, what they are is they're a company that makes products. They make a peanut free peanut butter spread, a cocoa free chocolate, and a coffee free coffee. Now, these are products they've chosen to make because they are wild, widely popular globally. And they also contain a common allergen. So they're making an allergen free food available to people worldwide. And what their goal is, is to make this for everyone to be able to afford. So, I mean, the, the CEO is going so far as to say this food is not for rich white people, and which is very bold, but, but really smart. I think, you know, like looking at, you know, let's provide something for everyone that can, they can afford. But what else they're doing that is really interesting to me is they are taking more of a B2B focus and they're offering these ingredients that they have created that taste like peanuts, but isn't peanuts. They're offering these ingredients to other CPGs, working with them and helping them source cheaper ingredients to make something allergen free and tastes like something that that person wants in their products. 

Phil: Yeah, it's a really smart idea, no question about it. And one of the examples that he gives is working with an ice cream company where you could have, you know, a peanut butter swirl in an allergy free, peanut free ice cream. To be able to do that. So really smart idea.