Walmart+ New Moms

The Lempert Report
May 02, 2023

Walmart+ has come up with this new program for the month of May, where they're giving away 20,000 Walmart+ memberships to moms, new moms that give birth in hospitals. Now, the interesting thing about May is we give birth, not we, but women give birth, in the US 3.6 million babies a year. That averages about 305,000 a month. May is not the biggest month. August is actually the largest month for births. but that's three. Let's say it's an average of 300,000 a month, but they're only giving out 20,000. And I think that this promotion is so strong, and I know it's their money, not my money, but this is a great way to get more members for Membership Plus. And you know that when you're a new mom, you've gone through this, all of a sudden you're buying a lot of new things, diapers and baby formula and things like that. And if Walmart+ can get you at that moment in time, you're probably gonna stay with Walmart+ for the time that your kids are growing up. What do you think? 

Sally: Yes, Phil, I 100% agree this is a fabulous campaign. It is something that new mothers absolutely need. They're calling this campaign the Mother of All Savings memberships campaign, and it's a perfect time to do it because Mother's Day is coming up on May 14th. And they've also enlisted some really great personalities to provide content with Ultimate Motherhood Hacks. And, and those celebrities are Cardi B, Stephanie Beatriz, Janelle James, and Jenny Slate. And they bring a lot of humor into being a new mom, and they give these really great tips with a lot of jokes. So, it's a really fun watch to see these videos. But yes, they're giving away 20,000. It is a membership that is worth $98 and they're promoting the benefits being that you get free diaper delivery, you can get free gas to baby well checks, and they're also promoting, free streaming of shows while you're doing those late night feedings of your baby. 

Phil: Yeah, it's really smart. Hats off to the folks at Walmart+ for pulling this together.