Want Fresh Summertime Tomatoes All Year Round?

The Lempert Report
September 24, 2015

Check out how this innovative company is making that happen!

With changing seasons and less than ideal weather conditions, a concern for farmers and consumers alike is; how can we get fresh produce all year? The answer for a growing number of producers is to bring the plants inside. One innovative company that's solving this problem specifically for tomatoes, is MightyVine:
Gary Lazarski, CEO MightyVine

The simple idea behind MightyVine is to grow the tomato close to the Chicago area market and to get them to the consumer as soon as possible.  What’s different about MightyVine is that tomatoes will be left on the vine  until the day before the store needs them.  The customer will literally have picked today on your plate tomorrow tomatoes and outside of your own backyard there’s really not a lot of places you can get that.

PHIL:  And this simple idea has resulted in a newly constructed  7.5 acre state-of-the-art hydroponic tomato greenhouse in Rochelle, IL. 

GARY: What we’ve recently installed in Rochelle – just finished completion a couple months ago and just planted tomatoes, our first harvest will be in October, we’ve got higher ceilings that any other greenhouse, roofline rather than any other greenhouse, we’ve got year round lights to grow, bees to pollinate, diffused glass to spread the  rays comfortably amongst the plants.

It’s using all the latest in Dutch Greenhouse technology. Our Dutch partners – Royal Pride in Holland – have been growing tomatoes in the Netherlands for several decades.

Because we’re close to the market, flavor profile, nutrient profile, everything is enhanced because the tomatoes is allowed to naturally ripen on the vine, instead of being picked too early for transportation purposes, so what the consumer gets is a summertime tomato in the middle of winter.

Local foods – localfoods.com and handcutfoods.com are two partner companies that pre-existed MightyVine and they will help us get our tomatoes into the local market and to local schools and catering, and our website is Mightyvine.com.

At MightyVine we believe the best tomatoes are grown close to home, and that’s why we’re excited to be bringing the Chicago market year round premium glasshouse tomatoes. Root for your local tomato.