What Generation Z Thinks About Snacks

The Lempert Report
July 27, 2017

Supermarketguru's Amy Goldsmith met with 200 6th-8th graders and discussed the food industry and their snacking habits.

Generation Z is the first generation to grow up in the digital age where smart phones and social media is the norm. They are intense multi-taskers and expect efficiencies in all aspects of their life, including retail purchases and food. Recently, Supermarketguru.com Senior Editorial and Communications Director Amy Goldsmith met with about 200 6th, 7th and 8th graders (Born 2003-2005) at Oliver Wendell Holmes International Middle School in Northridge, CA. She discussed the food industry and the Generation Z students participated in a survey about their snacking habits.

Results from the survey show nearly one-third of the Generation Z students snack about three times a day. This falls in line with a typical school schedule. Forty-two percent say they buy most of their snacks at grocery stores such as Kroger or Albertson's, 21% go to Target or Walmart and 13% would choose a Whole Foods Market or other Natural Store. The majority says the most important criteria for choosing a snack is the price, followed by what they’re craving.

When asked about the national school lunch program that recently has been undergoing changes to become healthier, the results are equally divided between wanting healthier options versus not. But when asked if they would throw out the healthier foods that are being served in the new lunch program, the majority say they wouldn't.

When Goldsmith met with the students, they told her while snacking is part of their routine, they prefer meals. They sit down to eat lunch and dinner and look forward to family meals.  In fact, during the discussion, Goldsmith led an informal Shark Tank-style segment where the students pitched their own product ideas. Many were from family recipes; others were meal solutions for time-starved kids. Each student received a goody bag with sample products from: Hint Water, Mediterra Nutrition, Vita Coco, Seapoint Farms, and coupons from OH Yes Foods! and FoodStirs in bags donated by Albertson’s.