What Gluten Actually Does To Your Food

The Lempert Report
April 22, 2015

Fast Food Breakfast Wars, Ice Cream & Beer, and reusable grocery bags making you eat junk food?!

Fast Food Wars! 
Two fast food giants are fighting it out! In a new McDonalds promotion some of their restaurants are allowing customers to exchange Taco Bell breakfast receipts for a free Egg McMuffin…although currently the promotion seems to be limited to McDonald's locations in Northeast Pennsylvania. McDonalds has long been king of breakfast options, but Taco Bell has been going full force with attack ads since they launched their breakfast menu a year ago.In ia new commercial, Taco Bell compares McDonald's to a communist dictatorship where everyone is forced to eat Egg McMuffins. Clearly McDonalds feels its time to fight back! http://www.businessinsider.com/mcdonalds-accepts-taco-bell-receipts-2015-4
Taking A Closer Look At Gluten
We've all heard about gluten, and we're probably all aware of the trend towards a 'gluten free' diet, but do you actually know what gluten does to your food? Well, now you can check it out in a video called, "The Science Of Good Cooking: A Closer Look at Gluten," where host Dan Souza's of Cooks Illustrated explains that gluten is a collection of protein found in wheat flour. He then illustrates exactly what it does, and gives you an image you probably will never forget by blowing it up like a balloon! Check it out, but be prepared to never look at bread the same way! 
Are Reusable Grocery Bags Bad for You?! 
Could reusable grocery bags be ruining your figure?! According to new research that looked at "thousands" of grocery shoppers, those that bought their own bags were more likely to treat themselves to candy or junk food as a reward. Research came from Uma Karmarkar, at Harvard Business School, and Bryan Bollinger, an from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.  Karmarker told FastCoExist.com, "It's not clear whether people are doing this consciously or unconsciously. One possibility is that people could choose to make it conscious...and indulge yourself in ways that fit other goals. You could say if I bike to work, I'll get five extra minutes of sleep tonight." The study also showed that those who bought their bags, were more likely to buy organic produce. So..maybe it all balances out?! http://www.fastcoexist.com/3044776/reusable-grocery-bags-make-you-more-likely-to-buy-organic-kale-and-also-candy-bars
Ben & Jerry's… and Beer? 
If  you're a Ben & Jerry's fan, and a beer fan..you'll love this! According to an April 13 press release, the ice cream company is combing forces with New Belgium Brewing to release a beer called "Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale."! We're not sure yet if the beer will remind us at all of ice-cream but it will come in 22oz bottles and contain 6.3 percent alcohol. 
So when can we expect to see this on the market? Apparently we only have to wait until Fall of this year!