What Grocerants Can Learn From Google...

The Lempert Report
February 07, 2017

Google uses its "knowledge graph" to make search results far more useful than just a list of links

Everyone seems to use Google, obviously Yahoo & AOL know that all too well, and, according to Engadget, a primary reason is that Google uses its "knowledge graph" to make search results far more useful than just a list of links, which means that you can get lots of info right in Google without having to click on any search results.  

Why should your Grocerant and prepared foods and every department in your supermarket care? Well, the latest addition to Google’s food mobile search brings up a carousel of recipes at the top of the results page. 

Engadget explains: Google also added some filters to those recipe results -- right below the search bar are additional suggestions you can use to refine your results. Searching for "fried chicken" gives the option to add "oven-fried," "buttermilk," and "southern fried" filters to narrow down the recipes.  

You can also tap "view all" to move out of the standard search page and see bigger, more detailed recipe cards that show a picture and quick preview of the recipe. 

The opportunity is this: when you combine these recipes with the local food results and knowledge graph info that Google has already been serving up, Google is offering a whole lot of food info without having to tap into your website. So how can you fight to keep those clicks and customers? Make sure that your IT folks take a look at what Google is doing and be sure to offer similar easy to sort offerings on your mobile app – or you can just pay Google a ton of money to move you to the top of the list.