What Took Uber So Long To Add Ratings To Uber Eats?

The Lempert Report
December 18, 2017

Lets take food ratings to the next level.

One of Uber’s pillars for success has been the ratings system that allows riders, and drivers, to rate each other. It gives both parties the opportunity to avoid those that don’t make the grade and makes stars (pardon the pun) out of those who are good drivers and good customers. A survival and celebration of the fittest if you will.

So it comes as no surprise that they have now updated Uber Eats to include reviews. Consumers rate the restaurant on a five-star scale, specific menu items can be rated with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down and "favorite" a restaurant so it appears at the top of the restaurant feed. Uber Eats will then suggest dishes based off the user’s taste and prior orders.

Nothing all that different than a lot of others like Yelp. So Uber – why not do the same thing you do for drivers. Why not create a more significant buyer seller relationship for restaurants? Often I hear from restaurateurs how they dread having certain customers come back or order out. Why not have the restaurant rate the customer? And what about that Uber Eats driver? If your food was delivered hot? If it was handled properly, or came disheveled?

Today ratings are more important than ever, in part due to Uber’s leadership. Lets take food ratings to the next level.