What Will YOUR Kitchen Look Like in 2025?

The Lempert Report
February 04, 2016

IKEA AND IDEO show you

IKEA, the Swedish furniture and food giant who is known for its Swedish meatballs served in their stores or frozen to make at home, worked with a team of students and designers at IDEO to push the boundaries and see just what a kitchen might look like in 2025 – just 9 years in the future. And you’ll be amazed at what they came up with.
The students started by talking with and studying how people cooked and ate and came up with 20 concepts then, IDEO built prototypes.
Here are three of our favorites:
To reduce food waste, one concept is built around a clear storage box which rests on an induction cooled shelf to store refrigerated food. The idea is that if you can easily see the food, rather than having to move things around in a fridge, the more likely you are to use the foods before they spoil.

We all know how precious our water supply is, so here’s a new twist on the kitchen sink. Tip it to the left if it's clean enough to water plants, and the water will drain into storage or directly into the garden above the sink. If the water's dirty, tip it to the right to send it down the drain into traditional water treatment.

Just when you got used to finding recipes on InstaGram, IKEAS “smart table” recognizes ingredients and then suggests a recipe. A camera above the table watches you as you prepare and cook and actually makes suggestions and tips as you cook. The ultimate in reducing waste!

Start saving up for that kitchen remodel now!