What’s The BIG Deal About Tik Tok? Food!

The Lempert Report
November 02, 2020

TikTok and Postmates have joined together to create TikTok Treats

Last Wednesday came the latest news about TikTok, and it may surprise you. Tik Tok and Postmates have joined together to create TikTok Treats, the first-ever creator-led menu featuring some of the year's most popular food trends on TikTok.

This experiment is only for a limited time – now through November 22 so get the app and start watching to see what the future can be. Walmart Chief Executive Officer Doug McMillion has said he believes TikTok and social commerce will change the way people shop; which is why the company has agreed to take a 7.5% stake of the US based TikTok Global business.

"TikTok and Postmates are both brands that intersect culture in creative ways. Food trends have a massive reach on TikTok so we joined forces to bring these TikTok creator favorites right to your door," said Eric Edge, SVP of Marketing and Communications at Postmates.

"Through the power of creativity in the TikTok community and a few of our exclusive merchants in LA, we are excited to launch this first-ever menu collection."

Yes, this means you can watch a food trend, then order it thru Postmates and have it delivered and see, and taste, for yourself if you agree. Frankly, I think it's a brilliant idea.

Just to give you some idea of the widely popular food trends that reached massive audiences on TikTok this year: #BentoBox seeing a reach of 259.3M, #PancakeCereal 1.6B, #WhippedCoffee 2.2B and #CloudBread 3.0B.

Before you get too excited, realize that this – what I think is a test that will roll out – is only in LA till November 22 and the foods will be created and prepared by local LA restaurants – and has free delivery.

Here’s the menu:

•#whippedcoffee by Coffee 'N Clothes Price: $7.50 Whipped Coffee or Whipped Pumpkin Coffee (+$1)

•#cloudbread by Dialog Cafe Price: $7 Cloud Cupcake with a cotton candy "Cloud" topping and candied rainbow topper

•#pancakecereal by B Sweet Price: $8 Ube Mini Pancake Cereal, Red Velvet Pancake Cereal or Buttermilk Mini Pancake Cereal (requests for Oat Milk available for $4)

•#bentobox by Sweetfin Price: $20 Limited edition Bento Box including Spicy Tuna over bamboo rice, Yuzu Salmon over citrus kale, yuzu truffle avocado dip with taro chips and chile ginger noodles

According to a PYMNTS report, “Why Walmart is Knocking on TikTok’s door,” eCommerce growth shows the great shift to digital is underway and social commerce is gaining traction. Walmart has over 350,000 followers of TikTok’s roughly 800 million users. As Walmart moves to cement its digital commerce position, it is seeking cross-pollination opportunities with digital-first and social platforms like TikTok.

TikTok influencers have been responsible for a surge in toy sales. Social media influencers were the fourth most-cited reason a toy purchase is made.