Where And How People Expect to Shop During the Holidays This Year

The Lempert Report
November 25, 2020

Jefferies Equity research just released the results of their consumer survey of 1,400 consumers across the nation about what their intentions are around this year’s holidays and the results are striking.

82% intend on spending the same (55%) or less (27%) than they did last year.

72% utilize omni-channel conveniences

67% will spend the same or more on gift cards

63% won’t travel this year

69% plan to gather in groups to celebrate (hopefully with masks and social distancing – my add, not theirs)

25% cited unemployment due to COVID related job loss.

And then they pulled back the curtain for online shopping habits for this holiday season: 51% expect to spend more online; 41% the same. And where will they be spending those dollars? 87% cited Amazon.com*, 51% Walmart.com**, and 41% Target.com.*71% of respondents were Amazon Prime members only **9% of respondents were Walmart+ members. Of the Amazon shoppers, 47% expect to spend more than they did last year. At Walmart only 21% will spend more and at Target 17%. At the opposite extreme 80% of Williams-sonoma.com shoppers say they will spend less.

When it comes to grocery, 59% said they will buy online and use in store or curbside pick up. 95% of the shoppers will make their purchases on an iOS or Android Phone or tablet, with only 4% saying they will use a laptop or desktop – wow.

The Lempert Report will not publish tomorrow or Friday, and will be back here again Monday November 30th.

Have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving. And please wear a mask and social distance so that we can all have much to celebrate together in the future.