Where do you take your Innovative Product ideas?

The Lempert Report
October 09, 2014

Edison Nation is one company who's mission is to search and develop the next great innovation.

Innovative ideas make the world go round, but if these ideas can't get funded or developed, innovations never become a reality. So how does it all happen? Edison Nation is one company who's mission is to search and develop the next great innovation:

LOUIS FOREMAN CEO EDISON NATION Edison Nation is really about discovering that innovative idea, that idea that comes to you in the middle of the night. The biggest challenge that faces entrepreneurs is time resources and expertise. You’ve got this great idea but you realize you don’t have the time to pursue it, you don’t have the resources to invest in it, or maybe you just don’t understand the process. How do you go from that eureka moment to something on a store shelf? And so what we’re able to do at Edison Nation is provide those resources and take the risk away from coming up with an idea and monetizing it. 

Phil: And so what about our favorite: innovative food products...

Louis: It seems like food products are a great area to innovate in. People are always looking for ways to create new dishes, new recipes or new ways to make food  fun. And one of the products we absolutely love is Betsy Kaufman’s Eggies. Betsy is a surburban housewife, she wanted to  be able to make a hard boiled egg with no shell but she didn’t know how to do it and she didn’t have the financial resources to do it on her own. So she submitted it to Edison nation and our team of engineers came up with a device that will allow you to make a hard boiled egg with no shell. 

The new product that we’re really excited about this year is called the perfect bacon bowl. A product that was invented by Tom Jenson, a Father from Salt Lake City Utah. He wanted to make breakfast fun for his kids but again he didn’t know how to do it, he didn’t have the financial resources, he submitted it to us at Edison Nation. We created the product. We shot an infomercial and today the bacon bowl is sold around the country and millions and millions of units have been sold already. 

When you’re developing a product for the food industry, you’re dealing with different types of materials, different  manufacturing processing, but ultimately it comes down to one simple need and that is, how do you make a product that consumers are going to want to buy? There’s so many choices today for products what you’ve got to figure out is, what’s different about your invention? What about your food product or food innovation that’s gonna tell consumers to purchase it. 

Phil: And for the consumer, opening up the marketplace to these new  innovations means diverse products and competitive pricing. 

Louis: today consumers are no longer satisfied with what they bought yesterday. We live in a world where we’re always looking for new and improved….And so that’s what leveled the playing field and gives the opportunity for any inventor any entrepreneur to challenge the competitor in the marketplace, by bringing something new something unique, and something innovative and something that really just gets people excited