Where's The Beef?

The Lempert Report
November 10, 2022

Phil: If we are talking about communication, a couple weeks ago, we had a story about how the Prime Minister of New Zealand wants to tax cows burs and farts. Well, guess what? We might not have to do that because out of London comes a new product, or Sweden, sorry, called lome. L O M E, which is billed as the world's first low methane beef. It's the outcome of a pilot project where they're feeding cows, not soy, not grass, not corn, but a food supplement that's made from red algae. And studies have shown that that can reduce methane by cow burps by 80%. Thirty-two percent of the human driven methane emissions, according to the UN environment program, are created by livestock manure and cow belches. So tell us a bit more. I mean, is this just a fad? Is just just one company who's doing it? Or is this the new way of raising beef? 

Sally: Well, this is very exciting news. I think, you know, this should be big news for everyone and that we should embracing the benefits of seaweed, which has many, many benefits that we're hearing about it. But what we're seeing is Ben and Jerry's ice cream, they are reducing their greenhouse emissions by 50% on 15 of their dairy farms. This is part of the Unilever's Climate and Nature Fund. And I really, really wanna give them, you know, props for doing this. They are feeding cattle seaweed, and they are also allowing them access to high quality forage. So we're finding out that it's not just algae, it's what kind of grass they're feeding on. It has to do with the water. We're seeing Danone is working on regenerative practices on their farms to reduce their methane emissions. And Nestle as well is working on their water footprint. So there are a lot of different ways, if you dig into these, these solutions out there that we can cut down on that. 

Phil: Absolutely. And you know, I hate to be trite here, but the saying garbage in, garbage out really is the reality. So if we have good inputs into our cattle, into our poultry, we're gonna have good outputs as well.