Will These Foods Become The Next Big Thing?

The Lempert Report
November 13, 2017

Fandom' Food truck Future Foods

Food & Wine reports on New York’s Comic Con where Fandom.com has its Fandom Food truck which will be serving a specially crafted menu of snacks and desserts based on some of pop culture's most popular properties. Fans can "nom" on treats inspired by Rick and MortyThe Walking DeadStar Wars and Stranger Things

How about trying the Lucille Bat Pretzel, a salty snack based on Negan's infamous Walking Deadbat, the Upside Down Waffle, inspired by the Netflix hit Stranger Things, and the Porg in a Blanket, a Star Wars snack modeled after porgs (which if you don’t know (and I did not) are creatures from the upcoming Episode VIII). There is also Pickle Rick Soda, a green soda inspired by Rick and Morty

Besides being a little stranger than most foods typically sold at the Javits concessions, each treat is sample-sized and the entire menu is vegetarian. 

"After we decided upon those fandoms, we took inspiration from iconic characters to develop creative interpretations for our foods," Vanessa Ford, the Senior Manager for Events at Wikia said. "Presentation is equally important as taste. We designed our foods so that it is obvious in the final presentation that they embody their respective fandoms." 

Food & Wine goes on to write that the Food Truck is very much capitalizing on a growing trend within the last decade. As fandom and geekery have become more mainstream, there's been a spike in the fandom food art scene. Molding your pop culture passion into something edible is a new way to show appreciation and to satisfy your hunger. 

A step well beyond just paying a license fee and slapping a movie title or figure on the outside of a food package.