Wood Milk Commercial

The Lempert Report
June 29, 2023

One of my favorite actresses these days is Aubrey Plaza. You know she's been around for a while in Parks and Recreation and she did this great movie, Emily the criminal. I thought she was brilliant in it, but so and she's now done an ad for milk pep. Those are the people who generated the got milk campaign and it's interesting because it's very controversial. She basically talks about the fact that she's putting down plant-based milks, talking about the fact that they're calling it the Wood Milk campaign. If you haven't seen the commercial, folks Check it out on YouTube. I think it's still there. Basically, she sits in a forest and talks about how all these plant-based milks are coming from wood. That's not necessarily true, but it's a tongue-in-cheek commercial. But people are up in arms and they're saying that the Check-off program for milk should not be paying for this because it disparages other foods. It's the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Who is is really taking the lead on this. I know a lot of other celebrities have come up against her. What do you think? She has said "have you ever looked at a tree and thought can I drink this? Those are her words. And then she Goes on to say that the fictitious wood milk is bottled right here in the forest, where the trees hit the dirt Which locks in the flavors like cherry, maple and, of course, mahogany. And if you can't pick your favorite, that's okay, because they all taste like wood.

Sally: She is a very funny actress and it is satire and it very, very much reminds me when we've talked about the Portlandia skits before that you know that make fun of the foodies and late the labeling of. You know some of the ways the labeling has gotten out of hand,but the the plant-based milk people are really upset because they feel like it's very disparaging and that i t's false information and that you know people won't want to buy their products if they think that there's no nutritional value to them. And whether or not they're going to win in this case, they're asking for corrective advertising, i think, which is a very difficult thing to to win, but whether or not they will, i don't know. I think it is really important, though, for both sides, for the dairy industry and the plant-based milk Industry, to make sure that they are communicating in a very responsible way what the different nutritional values of our, of their products, what dairy offers you, and what some of our plant-based milks can offer as well. Otherwise, people might walk away a little confused, absolutely, and and to be honest with you, I am.

Phil: Being the grandson of a dairy farmer, i was not in In play on this. You know, whether it's soy milk or almond milk and so on, should be able to use the word milk, because milk does have a standard of identity of coming from an animal, whether it's a cow or whether it's a goat, matter of fact. So you know, i'm really torn because, I like the commercial. I think it's tongue-in-cheek, but again, I think it's a very important thing to do. I think it's a very important thing to do. I think it's tongue-in-cheek, but again, it highlights the fact that I think FDA and USDA made a big mistake allowing these other products to be called milk. And yes, IFIC had done a study and they've shown that less than 10 percent of people really think that. You know they're confused between soy milk and almond milk and cow's milk, but I still think that they shouldn't have done that. I think that's a mistake.