Yet Another New Recipe Platform

The Lempert Report
July 02, 2018

But this one isn’t free – it’s a subscription model called CKBK (or cookbook) that gives you access to thousands of classic and modern recipes and wants to introduce you to new cuisines and foods.

It is app based, of course, which compiles a huge database of recipes from well-known and trendy cookbooks. Matthew Cockerill, co-founder of 1000 Cookbooks, polled hundreds of food experts to get their picks for the best, most essential cookbooks ever written. 

Next the company licensed content from 500 cookbooks offering more than 100,000 recipes.   

The ckbk app will let you search for what you want based on factors such as ingredients, dietary requirements, or specific recipe. Then will serve up recommendations, allow you to browse its collection of cookbooks, watch videos, and even let you make your own recipe “playlist” that you can share with others. 

It launched in May with a Kickstarter campaign will give people the chance to be a founding backer. When fully launched, ckbk will have free and premium versions of the service. The free tier will limit the amount and types of content accessible. The premium tier will provide full access and cost “a little bit under $9.99” per month according to the company. 

Will people be willing to pay over $100 a year to access these already published recipes is the question. 

Recipes are certainly experiencing a renaissance as technology transforms them into discovery and commerce platforms. Players like AllRecipes, Fexy Media and BigOven are creating shoppable recipes that let users act quickly on their culinary whims. And other startups such as Innit as we already reported, are creating partnerships with Tyler Florence that bring us customizable recipe meal preparation.  $100+ dollars? I think it’s the wrong model.