CNBC POWER LUNCH: Walmart's electronic shelf labels may pave the way for dynamic pricing, says SupermarketGuru CEO

July 06, 2024

Phil Lempert, CEO of Supermarket Guru, and CNBC’s Melissa Repko join ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss Walmart’s introduction of electronic price labels, the potential that the retailer may use dynamic pricing, and more.

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These TV hosts don't mention the biggest problem with dynamic pricing, which is the possibility of a price going up after you put an item in your shopping cart. States should ban price changes during open hours unless you are notified at check out and asked if you approve.
This will take more labor and not less as customers complain that the price on the shelf is different than is ringing up and the employees need to investigate.
What I worry about is something like a hurricane, and now fresh water costs 50 dollars.
Nothing quite like jacking up the price while its sitting in someone's cart.  Greed is driving this nothing more.  People should stop shopping at these places while we can still make them hurt for their decisions.