Fat Diaries: a Healthy Weight Loss Tool

January 14, 2011

Have you ever wondered what the best way to manage your diet is? The experts have spoken, and we have the tool here for you for free!

#1 Weight Loss Tool
So what is SupermarketGuru depending on this year to help manage weight? You guessed it, a food diary… well specifically SupermarketGuru.com’s Fat Diaries. SupermarketGuru.com has had this tool available free for years and wanted to remind readers how effective writing down our meals and snacks is for loosing or maintaining weight.

According to Dr. Christopher J. Mosunic, a weight management and diabetes specialist at Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut writing down what you eat is one of the most powerful weight loss tools. “Keeping a food diary is like exercise; it will always help you lose [weight] if you do it consistently,” he said in a news release. In observing his patients he finds that those who keep food diaries are usually very successful and their treatment programs lasting only months versus those who are not so keen on food diaries – their treatment programs can sometimes last years.

Keeping a food diary helps nutrition experts track eating behaviors. Dieters who write down what they eat are more successful because it allows you to acknowledge everything you’re putting in your mouth... yes even the small bites or little snacks! This clearly demonstrates how many calories are being consumed daily.

But weight loss is not the only benefit of keeping a food diary.

The simple act of keeping a daily food diary can be quite revealing. It can tell us what nutrients we aren’t getting enough of, keep track of calories and fat, point out sources of stress or environment that provoke overeating, or what foods result in energy slumps. In addition, diaries can assist in managing food budgets, by showing us where money can be better spent on healthier items by cutting costs in other unhealthy areas. The act of keeping the diary can broaden your knowledge of how to find a healthy balance with budget and diet.

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