Food, Nutrition & Science: The Farmer Veteran Coalition, Advergaming's Influence on Food Intake, Children and Vitamin D

March 25, 2013

Featured in this month's issue of Food, Nutrition & Science, how veterans can get help building careers in agriculture, studies on advergaming and the effect on food intake, children and vitmain D intake, and much more.

When veterans return from service, they are faced with many challenges. There are numerous barriers to joining the civilian workforce, and military training and experience doesn't always transfer to other fields. The rates of veteran unemployment have been high and are only increasing, leaving many veterans in a real bind - until now. 

In this month's issue of Food, Nutrition & Science, we feature The Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC),  an organization whose mission is to mobilize veterans to feed America, cultivating a new generation of farmers and food leaders through the collaboration of the farming and military communities. 

In another story, despite many efforts over the years to limit advertising of unhealthy foods to children, many studies show the connection between exposure to food advertising and the increased consumption of energy-dense foods. With childhood obesity growing at alarming rates (U.S. rates have tripled over the past 30 years) and changing technologies in the world of advertising, researchers at The University of Amsterdam decided to look at advergaming's effects on food intake in children. 

Also in this issue, children have low dietary vitamin D intakes but still have satisfactory vitamin D concentrations, according to a recent study from McGill University in Canada and Notre Dame University in Lebanon, and published in The Journal of Nutrition. The study found that despite vitamin D intakes below the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR), the majority (95.5%) of Montreal preschoolers attending daycare had a vitamin D concentration greater than or equal to 40 nmol/L. 

In this month's issue we also feature Pollen Ranch in our Sustainability Series, Willamette Valley Vineyards in our virtual farm tour series, guest nutritionist, Cindy Silver brings us soup ideas from Vienna, and much more!

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