Holiday Dish Inspiration from Retail Dietitians (SLIDESHOW)

November 24, 2020

Looking for holiday dish inpsiration? We've asked some of our favorite retail dietitians to share with us what they like to cook for the holidays!

Not Your Average Sweet Potato
"The sweetness of this recipe's banana mixed with sweet potato on a graham cracker crust creates a mash up of flavor between banana cream pie and pumpkin pie to the delight of your taste buds! From my days with UMass Extension, this recipe is budget- and time-friendly as well as being perfect for creating individual-sized desserts." 
Carrie Taylor, RDN, LDN, RYT
Lead Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Living Well Eating Smart Program

Low Carb Cauli-Bit Stuffing
"During the holidays, this traditional stuffing with a better for you twist is one of my favorite holiday comfort classic dishes. This is a family favorite hit, a dish that my mother did for us growing up, and we do add Pork!"
Dr. Andie Lee Gonzalez
H-E-B Sales Representative/Registered Dietitian

Holiday Charcuterie Board
"One of my favorite dishes for any time of year but especially over the holiday season is a Charcuterie Board! A Charcuterie Board combines fruits, vegetables, whole grain crackers, and specialty meats and cheeses into one delectable dish. I love how Charcuterie Boards incorporate a variety of food groups so you get lots of different nutrients, plus it allows for creativity! You can put your own spin on it according to your food preferences. My family always has a Charcuterie Board on the table for light snacking while the big holiday meal is being prepared!"
Elizabeth Hall, MS, RDN, LDN, Corporate Registered Dietitian, KVAT Food Stores, Inc.
Social: @FoodCity

Cauliflower Base "Masa de Pasteles"
"My favorite dish this holiday season are PASTELES. This year we are featuring a recipe made with cauliflower. Attached is my nutri version. Hope you like it!" (Recipe card in photo)
Lcda. Mariely Rosado Martínez RD, MHSN
Retail Dietitian 
Healthy Path Markets
Instagram: !healthypathmarket

Fresh Cranberry Sauce
“The holiday time is always a time full of family, friends, activities, and feasting. We have the traditional holiday favorites while also adding in some family-favorite recipes, always taking me back to my childhood. Today, I want to share one of my favorite ways on how I switched up our family cranberry sauce choice from the jellied version that came from a can, to one that we cook together. We like to naturally sweeten up the cranberries innate tart flavor and an add unexpected crunch that even my father enjoys and will gobble down. 

I love to use fresh cranberries, some local honey, a couple oranges, cinnamon and pomegranate seeds for on top. Heat up the fresh cranberries with honey and water for 5-10 minutes. Squeeze some fresh orange juice and orange zest and stir, then top off in some cinnamon and pomegranate seeds for an extra crunch. It is quick and easy to make, while giving you a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Simple, seasonal, delicious and vibrantly healthy.”
Yvette Waters, MS, RDN, CISSN
Nutrition Strategist and Brand Influencer

Gingerbread Cookies
It isn't Christmas in the Magee house without a batch of Elaine Magee's (@therecipedoctor) Gingerbread cookies! These cookies are mostly whole grain and have less sugar and saturated fat but are still delicious! They pair perfectly with holiday teas too. Elaine Magee and her IG: @therecipedoctor is all about finding the happy place between delicious, health and easy.
Elaine Magee
Wellness Corporate Dietitian
Albertsons Companies

Whipped Sweet Potatoes & Bananas with Honey
"When it comes to holiday food, I’m all about the side dishes and this recipe for Whipped Sweet Potatoes & Bananas with Honey is my all-time favorite. Roasted bananas add a whole new level of flavor to this take on a traditional sweet potato dish."
Lauren Tulig, RDN, CD
Nutrition Communications Manager
Skogen’s Festival Foods

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
"This recipe is an easy, one pan, three-ingredient dish that is family friendly, combining turkey bacon and asparagus into bundles for easy portions. My husband, two kids, and I love this dish especially for the holidays. It also makes a great plate presentation."
April Sins, MS, RDN, LDN  
Corporate Retail Dietitian
Rouses Markets

Secret Ingredient Cranberry Clementine Relish
"I worked in a restaurant called the Cranberry Bog for several years when I returned to college for nutrition. This was one of the items we served for Thanksgiving Dinner. I loved the clove, though my family were not fans when I brought it home! I have used this in a variety of ways beyond turkey dinner, such as baked with Brie, which is adapted from the Cranberry Marketing Board recipes. I have also made it without the clove, and without the clementines or subbing chopped orange segments – it is a versatile, forgiving recipe and delicious every way!"
Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN, CDN
Manager, Lifestyles and Wellness
Price Chopper