Hot Candy Kielbasa

November 04, 2015

This week's featured recipe on Lost in the Supermarket.

Have you listened to the Lost in the Supermarket podcast? Each week we are featuring a recipe from one of our listeners. This one comes from Julie Hall, and she says, "There are so many ways to health this up or down, so many variations in the imagination! Have fun with it!" Thanks, Julie! 

What you need:

1 package turkey kielbasa (or regular if you want the fat)
1 can corn or 3 ears of corn freshly prepared
1 cup brown sugar
½ can of your choice; (bud, bud light, diet 7up or any lager or soda to make this as healthy or unhealthy as you want)
½ stick of butter or 4 tablespoons of replacement
Hot sauce
Garlic powder
Instant rice (white or brown) 

To prepare:

Cut kielbasa into slices a bit smaller than ½ inch. In a large skillet dump sliced kielbasa, brown sugar, butter, hot sauce, garlic powder and beverage (beer/soda is ½ can per package of meat). Turn on high and cover. Bring to boil. Once boiling uncover, turn to medium/high and stir contantly till sugar starts to thicken. Pour over Rice and garnish with corn.