It's official: eating healthy is NOT a fad

April 14, 2015

And supermarkets want "in" on the game.

by Phil Lempert, Editor, Facts, Figures & the Future

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Just in case all the data that has been collected over the past 40 years didn't convince you of the dismal state of nutritional affairs for Americans; last week's announcement that IKEA is starting to sell more nutritious foods most certainly will.

While conventional supermarkets had been slow to pick up on the health & wellness trend and allowed Whole Foods, CVS and Walgreens to swoop in and lead that category, the advances over the past few years have certainly proven that supermarkets want to be "in" the game.

What IKEA's foray into more nutritious and sustainable foods underscores is that shoppers will buy foods from people that have similar values to their own. IKEA says, "This is a natural step for IKEA and builds on the vision of creating better everyday lives." They are quick to follow that statement by reinforcing that they will continue to focus on offering delicious and affordable foods - and add more options that are nutritious and sustainable.

As we see in the The Consumer Goods Forum survey, more CPG companies are creating healthier nutritional profiles and getting rid of ingredients that shoppers simply do not want in their foods. The fact that even a retailer such as IKEA has taken this position reinforces that finally the food industry has turned the corner and is moving in the right direction offering better nutrition. 

Their first offering? GRONSAKSBULLAR! Or simply said in English..."veggie balls" that contain chunks of vegetables and good protein. We can only hope that these are tasty enough to impact the sales of their famous Swedish Meatballs.