Many Uses for Kitchen Staples

October 09, 2012

We don't always have to rely on chemicals and cleaning products for our household chores. Here are some great tips that may even save you money

We don't always have to rely on chemicals and cleaning products for our household chores. In fact SupermarketGuru gathered some great non food uses for some of our staple pantry and refrigerated items; and hey the tips may even save you money!

Baking soda: stubborn sticky stuff of any kind can be removed with a simple paste of baking soda and a little water. Spread this mix liberally over the spot, cover with plastic and let sit for about 2 hours, and then scrub clean.

Baking soda can even be used in place of toothpaste if you run out, as well as for soothing sunburn and alleviating other skin irritations; dissolve about a cup in warm bathwater.

Add vinegar to baking soda for a powerful drain and grout cleaner. 

Soda or cola also works as a great drain and toilet bowl cleaner.

Bananas: use the inside of the peel to polish silver, and even as shoe polish but be sure to remove the stringy parts.

Lemons: run slices through the garbage disposal with cool running water to clean and freshen. Lemons will help you clean your dishes! The citric acid in lemons helps cut grease and oils; squeeze some juice over a greasy pan or fill with hot water and add a lemon wedge.

Lemons can also be used to clean your microwave; combine a few tablespoons of lemon juice and at least a cup of water- microwave on high for five minutes, and wipe. The steam and compounds from the lemon will help loosen stuck on food and spills, while leaving a fresh scent.

Have a grater you just can’t get clean? Use a half or quarter of a lemon, rub the pulp side along both sides in order to clean the grates and keep them sharp.

White or distilled vinegar: Spray on glass surfaces instead of glass cleaner. Mix one cup of warm water, an eighth of a cup of white vinegar in a spray bottle for a non-toxic cleaner that shines without streaking. This can also be used around the house as an all purpose cleaner; and even as a fruit and veggie wash!

Apply vinegar straight to weeds, and in about three days, they’re gone. Vinegar is also great for cleaning a coffee pot - let vinegar brew through the machine instead of water. And after cleaning your coffee pot, pour the vinegar straight on the weeds!

Foods that are ant deterrents: cayenne pepper, cinnamon, grits, and flour - choose one and sprinkle in areas where you have seen ants and you're almost guaranteed not to seem them again!

Foods for your laundry: a teaspoon of ground pepper added to your wash will keep colors from fading. About a cup of strained lemon juice added to the wash will whiten whites and even help to keep your washing machine cleaner.

There are many more “non food” uses for foods we commonly consume - you may even find that some of these tricks clean better (and save money) than the cleaning products you’re used to. Always test a small area before you use the alternative on a larger area. Enjoy!