September 19, 2012

Each week we review a food related app. This week it’s INRFOOD – find out what the Lempert Report thought.

What it says it does: Consumers are confronted with ingredients that they have never heard of and can't even pronounce. INRFOODsays they want to start a revolution in the way food is viewed by the core components - the ingredients. INRFOOD wants to change the way consumers eat, understand, select, and define food. Their goal is to empower eaters to make more informed decisions about what they eat. INRFOOD even allows users to discuss and share with others via social networks and view their diet with advanced analytics.

What it actually does: INRFOOD allows users to scan grocery items to find out ingredients, allergens and more. Plug in your allergens or health concerns (i.e. diabetes, or heart condition), and even life stages like pregnancy, and find out if the foods you choose are right for you. Users can even see how the foods they choose fit into the “MyPlate” recommended intakes. INRFOOD users can opt in for product recalls and click to understand what certain general food labels mean like, “pasteurized,” “fortified,” “low fat,” “fair trade,” and more. The app even boasts an extensive label translator, for both the easy and hard to understand (and pronounce) ingredients. 

How useful is the information for target audience?: The information is very useful for those who want to know what’s in their food. The ingredient lists allow users to search specific ingredients that they want to know more about. 

Ease of use: INRFOOD is easy to use and would be a great accompaniment to any shopping trip or even for those shopping for other people's health concerns. For example knowing all of the ins and outs of “gluten free” can be tricky, INRFOOD could help navigate food labels.  

Who would best benefit from the app?: The app is absolutely perfect for those who have health concerns and want to shop properly or those shopping for others, or who just want to better understand what's in their food.  

Cost: Free 

Rating: 4.5 of 5

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