August 16, 2012

Each week we review a food related app. This week it's MyFood.

What it says it does: MyFood provides complete nutrition data for hundreds of foods and also includes common servings sizes for each food. Updates are made regularly.

What it actually does: MyFoods app provides nutrition information for common foods right at your fingertips. You can search by food category, names of foods in alphabetical order, and nutrients (pay for upgrade). Each entry shows a nutrition facts panel and below displays the amount and percent daily value for the most common vitamin and minerals. Different serving sizes can also be viewed. For instance, the nutrition facts panel for almonds can be viewed by 100 grams, 1 cup ground, 1 cup sliced, 1 cup whole, 1 almond and more – so you can best estimate the portion you desire.  The display also shows the Wikipedia page, so you can brows some quick facts about the food as well as the image.

How useful is the information for target audience?: The information is very useful for those interested in the nutrition of their food. You can browse the various foods you ate for dinner or are deciding to have for lunch to see what vitamins and minerals they are rich in or how much total protein you consumed – and on the way you will learn interesting facts about the foods as well. The nutrient data for this app is provided by the USDA National Nutrient Database.

Ease of use: MyFood is easy to use, well organized and there are plenty of foods to browse.

Who would best benefit from the app?: Anyone who is interested in the ins and outs of the nutrition information of their food would benefit from this app. It’s also very colorful and would be a great way to teach kids about the nutrient benefits of different fruits and vegetables.

Cost: Free, more features cost $0.99 -$1.99 each

Rating: 4 of 5

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