The Food Industry Responds to the 2017 Trends

January 16, 2017

Nearly 1,000 participated in our trends webinar and real-time surveys on how the food industry will feel the impacts of the new administration, sustainability, technology and more.


With nearly 1,000 registered attendees, our very own Phil Lempert’s Food and Retail Top 10 Trends Forecast for 2017 Webinar was impactful not only in its messaging but also in the data it was able to collect in real time from viewers. 

Through the ten trends, Phil shared valuable information that will be sure to shape our near future in food.

The 10 trends include:
Silicon Valley and Food
The Wild West
Enhanced foods
Generation Z
Digital Foodscape
Microbrands to Megabrands
Augmented Transparency
Cellular Agriculture
The New Administration

When asked about the following five trends and their potential impact on business, attendees felt that the New Administration (30%) would have the largest impact, followed by Sustainability (28%), Silicon Valley and Food (21%), Wild West (15%), and Cellular Agriculture (6%).

Of the following traditional and non traditional retailers offering groceries, the viewers think Amazon Go (65%), followed by Aldi (15%), Walmart (13%), and Lidl (7%) will have the greatest impact on traditional grocery stores.

Viewers were also polled about sustainability efforts for the food industry, fifty six percent feel sustainability is important, thirty eight percent feel it is the most important trend, and seven percent feel it’s somewhat Important.

And probably the most far off technology, but much closer than we think, here’s how viewers responded when asked about the timeframe of the availability of food prepared through Cellular Agriculture (a method of agricultural production enabling the growth of meat, eggs, and other animal products in cell culture rather than raising and slaughtering livestock) in every supermarket? 6-10 years (32%), 4-5 years (31%), 1-3 years (19%), 11-15 years (14%), never (4%).