The Supermarket in Moscow

November 24, 2014

Spotlight on how the supermarket works in Russia.

By guest columnist, Luigi Rubinelli & Antonello Vilardi

Originally published by RETAIL WATCH.

This supermarket, with the sign “Perspektor”, installed in the “ATRIUM” shopping center in Moscow (at ground level), has some features that should be highlighted to suggest new situations in merchandising and generating sales. 

In the grocery department, dedicated to chemistry and now equal in all Europe (including Russia), the manager has placed at the center of sales attributable to his department several stuffed animals, bedding and baskets with creams and bath salts. 

It is an original way cross promote in the category and give the department a fresh air.

The fish departments at all supermarkets in Moscow have the following characteristics:

  1. Fish in the tank (live);
  2. Fish on ice (fresh);
  3. Packaged fish (in large amounts).

The individual product sections are separate but close to each other to give the idea of completeness of the set. 

It is interesting to see how the preserved fish is presented, usually smoked: it is cut into slices, nearby there are the jars of sauce, caviar is instead variously presented for the specific type and price. 

So the overall image is completed with a cross-reference to the packaged products of great consumption.

In dried fruit, customers can use either independently or withdraw the package placed above the bulk. 

Above the large basket (even next) there are some trays with dried fruit ready for consumption, with the addition of small candied fruit, packaged to make a gift. 

These are small ideas to create distinctive and service logic: the center is the product with its specific seduction, alongside the inevitable price to be clear, finally, how to purchase and consume.

The same logic is replicated in the department of meats and cheeses: there are various trays with cuts of different product, with specifications from domestic and International. 


Ideas for presentation and a  combination of the methods of purchase and consumption are the basis for complementary merchandising, offering favorable opportunity to boost sales and satisfaction of those who shop.