The Teal Pumpkin Project is Important for Kids

October 23, 2018

The Teal Pumpkin Project is Important for Kids

Join 100,000 households in looking out for kids with food allergies this Halloween.

Last year, The Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) organization launched a campaign that in which 50 states and seven countries participated to help keep children with food allergies feel like they can be safe included in Trick-or-Treating. The Teal Pumpkin Project is asking for households to take the pledge. 

According to research, one in every 13 children are affected by a food allergy. For these children, this means participation in events like Halloween can be limiting. In particular, dairy and nuts are common offenders found in many chocolate candies. Planning for Halloween for parents of children with allergies requires vigilance in order to keep kids safe. 

You can help even if you don’t have kids with food allergies! The Teal Pumpkin Project Pledge is basically a request for a little extra effort and compassion for those kids that can’t eat most candy by adding to your treats some non-candy items such as stickers, bracelets, glow sticks and such. And you can also paint a pumpkin teal and place it on your porch to let those kids with allergies know you’re looking out for them. Not too difficult, and you’ll probably get some pretty cute, dressed up smiles in return. 

For more on the Teal Pumpkin Project and how you can get involved, visit the website and visit the Facebook page. And remember that sharing the info through social media (#tealpumpkinproject) and letting your neighbors and community know about the project will create more awareness and fun! 

We’d also love to see a picture of your teal pumpkin, so be sure to share on the SupermarketGuru Facebook page.

Check out our FREE Food Allergy Buddy Card for ease in ordering in restaurants and alerting food handlers to your needs. 

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