Steal This Recipe® Peeky Toe Crab & Fried Green Tomato with Mascarpone Froth

March 20, 2014

From Scott Gottlich, Executive Chef of Bijoux, Dallas

‘Stolen with permission’ from Scott Gottlich, Executive Chef and owner of Bijoux, this recipe is simple enough to make at home, yet luxurious enough to impress any guest with your culinary prowess. 

Bijoux restaurant was created by husband and wife team Scott and Gina Gottlich and is one of only five Dallas restaurants with a five star rating from the Dallas Morning News. Located in the heart of Inwood Village in Dallas, Bijoux is a favorite destination for local foodies.

About the chef: despite a career working alongside some of the world’s top toques, Chef Scott Gottlich credits his initial love of cooking to his childhood dining experiences. It wasn’t hard for him to determine that his passion was food and his life’s work was meant to be spent in the kitchen cooking and creating memorable dining experiences for others. 

After graduating with a B.A in History from the University of Oklahoma in 1999, Gottlich enrolled in culinary school and received his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales in Vail, Colorado. Upon graduation he moved to Los Angeles and worked under acclaimed Chef Tim Goodell at Aubergine. Following his time in Southern California, Gottlich had an opportunity to work as a line cook under world-renowned Chef Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin in New York. Gottlich then returned to California where he was entrusted to run the Aubergine kitchen.

After witnessing how the best chefs of French cuisine operate, Gottlich headed back to Dallas in 2003 to become the Executive Chef of Lola the Restaurant and in 2006 he decided to pool all of his experiences into his own restaurant, Bijoux. When not at work, he spends time with his wife and Bijoux’s sommelier, Gina, and their son Fox. 


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Dallas, TX 75209-4296

This recipe makes 4 restaurant servings.

Peeky Toe Crab and Fried Green Tomato with Mascarpone Froth Ingredients:
½ lb Crab (cooked picked and cleaned)
1 green tomato
1 medium English cucumber (sliced extremely thin)
1 tablespoon chives
1 tablespoon chopped Italian parsley
1 Red onion, very thinly sliced (a mandolin is preferred) 
White wine vinegar
½ cup milk
3 tablespoons crème fraiche
2 teaspoons mascarpone
½ lemon (juiced)
1 tablespoon olive oil
Salt and Pepper
All purpose flour as needed

Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions for the Crab:
Mix cleaned crab with parsley, chives, olive oil and lemon juice as needed. 
Finish with salt. 
Fold gently until well mixed.

Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions for the Tomato:
Cut into ¼ inch slices. 
Season with salt and pepper, then place in all purpose flour. Shake off excess flour and then place in buttermilk. 
Shake off excess milk and bread with panko. 
Pan-fry or deep fry until golden brown.

Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions for the Onions: 
Cover with vinegar. 
They will pickle fairly quickly and turn bright red/purple. 
(Let them sit in the vinegar for a minimum of 10 minutes. They will keep for a week.)

Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions for the Mascarpone Froth: 
Mix milk, mascarpone and crème fraiche in a small sauce pan and slowly heat until all ingredients are combined. 
Season to taste. 
Use hand held frother to reach desired peeks.

Steal This Recipe® Step by Step Instructions for plating:
Place a bed of cucumbers on the plate. 
Cut one tomato slice in half crosswise and set one half up on its side. 
Place a dollop of the crab mixture next to the tomato slice and place the other tomato slice alongside, in a sandwich fashion. 
Scatter the red onions around the crab and tomato and finish with froth around the dish.

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