2018 Food Trend #8 - Security

The Lempert Report
January 11, 2018

Personal security will be top of mind in 2018, we haven’t seen this state of anxiety since 9/11.

How safe do you feel these days?

The American Psychological Association’s 10th Annual Survey finds that over one third of Americans feel nervous or anxious and a similar amount feel anger or irritability. And we seem to be nervous about a lot. 

Retailers in particular should add visible security in-store and in parking areas. People will be avoiding large groups and events, so bring events in-store – smaller ones and more often.

Cybersecurity is top of mind as almost half of Americans feel their personal info is less secure than it was 5 years ago.  Certain product categories like chamomile tea or other soothing foods may reap the benefits there is more to be done.

One quarter of all women and 18 percent of men are coping by eating more – the good news is that over half say they are exercising more.

But it is affecting America’s health & well-being and underscores the need for in-store dietitians to help shoppers cope with good nutrition and other well-being services. Chains like ShopRite offer exercise classes. RDs are offering meditation and yoga classes. All of which are helping shoppers cope – and at the same time, building a strong relationship that goes far beyond the price of a can of peas.

You can’t watch a television program without seeing ads for home security cameras

Both Amazon and Walmart/Jet are testing in-home deliveries, which in my opinion just won’t work. Home Grocer and WebVan experimented with delivery units in people’s garages and that didn’t work – why do we feel that allowing strangers access to our home to put milk in our fridge will? Locker pick up, already in place at chains like Hy-Vee will do well.

And then there is the issue of drones. (talk about drones and apartment buildings)

The one benefit to all this anxiety? Over half of Americans say that because of the state of America they are volunteering and supporting causes that are close to their hearts; which underscores the opportunity for retailers and brands to do the same and align values with their current and potential customers.

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