4 Kitchen Must Haves for Food Snobs and Photos Make Food Taste Better

The Lempert Report
April 19, 2016

Here’s what’s happening this week in Food News.

The Daily Meal reports on the 4 things food snobs have in their kitchens:

1. Selection of special salts. Not only do food snobs have to have the perfect salt every occasion, they also now are bringing their OWN salts to restaurants.

2. Truffle Anything. Food snobs use truffle oil, truffle salt, or truffle butter at every opportunity. My tip? Try drizzling truffle oil on popcorn, you’ll love it.

3. Craft cocktails made from scratch and of course in the most perfect glass.

4. Stinky Cheeses.  For them the smellier the better.

Photos Make Food Taste Better

Go Ahead and take that food Photo after all. “How consumer-generated images shape important consumption outcomes in the food domain” is a new piece of research from the Department of Food Marketing at St. Joseph’s University and Morgan Poor with the School of Business Administration at the University of San Diego that sort of proves that taking a picture of your food before you eat it can actually make it taste better.

The study found that all of those Facebook and Instagram food pictures “increase the savoring associated with consumption of pleasurable (i.e. indulgent) foods and, in effect, increases attitudes and taste evaluations of the experience when consumption actually takes place.”

Hawaii News Now reached out to some culinarians to get their reactions. 

Chef Jasper Mirabile whose family restaurant, Jasper's, says "I love when people take photos. As a chef, I am honored. It's great to see our photos "everywhere," and even better for social media. Then again, I am different from most chefs and restaurateurs. Iove the pr and marketing," 

Jill Silva, the Kansas City Star's Food Editor has a different view. "Taking photos of food is part of my job, and at the end of the year it is great to flip through Instagram and remember certain meals or dishes, But, for me, my snaps are more of a recording device, like my notepad, than a way to enhance my enjoyment of the food I am served. Pretty pictures are fun, but they can't tell your brain if the food smells or tastes good."