A Different Kind Of Price War

The Lempert Report
April 06, 2017

One burger joint is bucking the trend and charging a lot more for a hamburger.

As McDonald’s, Burger King and others continue to fight each other over the prices for their value meals and burgers, which appears as if they are getting cheaper and bigger with each new television commercial, Super Duper Burgers in San Francisco is defining value on their terms. With a double meat cheeseburger that sells for $8.50, has customers waiting in line and was named the regional fast-food chain leader as the  "tastiest cheap eat" in a 2016 reader's choice awards.

Super Duper has 10 locations now with hopes to expand to 50 locations in the Bay area. The beef is ground fresh daily and their slogan is “Fast food burgers. Slow food values.” 

The restaurants website proudly proclaims that “Burgers Shouldn’t Cost $3!" And goes on to say that its "fresh, quality produce, meat, dairy and buns are sourced from partners located just miles from our restaurants, are the ingredients to making the perfect burger. This commitment to creating the best possible food for our guests affects the price, and the higher cost is a direct reflection of our promise of creating fast food burgers using slow food values". 

They also offer free house made pickles and have a commitment to sustainability. Their packaging is 100% compostable. The restaurants have no trash cans – just recycling and compost bins. Super Duper is committed to local – for its foods as well as commitment to only using local designers, sign painters, artisans.

A lesson for us all to remember that cheap food doesn’t necessarily build a brand.