A New Delivery Option

The Lempert Report
December 17, 2015

It's an interesting concept, but is it practical?

Every supermarket is looking at delivery, but here’s a concept that might even have Instacart and Uber scratching their heads.

Volvo has just launched a new service - in-car Delivery. All you do is order from your mobile device and the service will find your car, via GPS, unlock the car (which is accessible to the delivery person only on the day of the delivery) and they will put your groceries right in your car, lock it up and be on their way. When the delivery is made you’ll receive a text message. 

For some this may be a true convenience, others may look at this and just wonder how lazy or busy a user might be. While I think the concept is an interesting one, I am concerned about the security and food safety issues. First, although the delivery person’s access to your car might be limited, its technology and certainly can be hacked. And what about the driver that left their dog in the car? Might give the delivery person quite a start! And what about the refrigerated or frozen foods just sitting in the car? 

I’m concerned that in our rush to create more and more concepts in the name of convenience that we are not thinking all the implications through completely, and that age old enjoyment of window shopping and discovering new foods by sampling or just wandering through the store will create a much less emotional food experience.

What do you think? Drop me an email Phil@SupermarketGuru.com Good idea? Would you sign up for the service? Or is it time to trade in that Volvo?