A New Type of Vending Machine...Burrito Box

The Lempert Report
June 16, 2016

A state-of-the-art "box" open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’ve shown you vending machines that offer caviar, grow lettuce and even make pizzas. Now there is Burrito Box, a vending machine that sells hot, cheap, tortilla-wrapped meats and cheeses and being franchised in 15 citites. It’s located here in West Hollywood, California in a gas station. 

The Burrito Box is state of the art with a live video chat, so a customer can contact them immediately if there is a problem. According to the company, if there’s a malfunction, they can see inside the machines and move the motors and close the interior doors remotely. 

The BurritoBox is restocked every one or two days, so everything is fresh. They claim you get the same quality you get out of fast-casual restaurants, but 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The machine doesn’t actually make the burrito -- it just heats it up.  

The menu includes chipotle chicken and black bean, grilled steak and cheese, as well as a couple of breakfast burritos. They use basmati rice and fresh cilantro, and they marinate their meats for 24 hours before cooking it on grills.  Sides include guacamole, salsa and sour cream and reviews on Yelp range from 5 stars to none – so the topline is you’ve gotta try this for yourself.  A logical step is to take it out of the gas station and put in the parking lots of a c-store!