Another Anti-Plastic Move That Makes Sense

The Lempert Report
September 19, 2018

Locavore, a supermarket in Glasgow, Scotland allows customers to refill glass bottles with fresh milk instead of buying plastic cartons, which should save the shop 100 plastic containers a day.

It's a milk vending machine, similar to those we now see here in the US to refill water bottles.

Locavore first began by offering customers produce sourced from local farms and recently opened up the store as an alternative to mainstream supermarkets, offering sustainable and all-organic options. 

‘Reducing waste is really important to us, It essentially underpins everything we do,’ Eilidh Sinclaire, part of Locavore’s zero waste team told METRO news. ‘It’s one of our main values to reduce our environmental impact for ourselves and also for the customers.’ Locavore’s managing director, Reuben Chesters added: ‘The milk vending machine lets us work directly with a local organic dairy to get really tasty un-homonginised milk to our customers without wasting plastic containers.’