Aramark launches 'Cool Food Meals'

The Lempert Report
February 22, 2022

Aramark launches 'Cool Food Meals' at Florida State University to encourage students to make climate-friendly meal choices.  FSU is one of 10 universities participating in the program. The World Resources Institute measures the carbon footprint of various Aramark meals and then identifies the ones which meet the criteria of the Cool Food Meals program, based on the ingredients and land used to make the Aramark products. If the carbon footprint of a dish falls below a specific threshold it becomes approved as a Cool Food Meal. “The per-meal threshold is based upon a maximum recommended daily carbon footprint for a person’s diet, which is 38% smaller than the current average,” according to Aramark’s website. “This is in line with what WRI’s research has found is needed by 2030 to help meet the Paris Agreement on climate change.” It is also interesting to note that today, over 35% of main dishes the company serves on menus at workplaces, hospital cafes, and university dining halls in the United States are vegetarian or vegan. Now if we could convince supermarkets to follow the same path for their prepared meals.