AsomBroso Fine Tequilas

The Lempert Report
November 13, 2015

A new package just in time for the Holidays!

No matter how successful or how popular a product us, to stay innovative and ahead of the curve there is always a need to rethink branding and packaging. AsomBroso Tequila is a small family run company which has been in business for over 14 years, in that time the industry has changed and evolved and through innovative thinking, they have kept themselves on top:
I went into this business and I'll tell you what, it's been the toughest thing I've ever done in my life. I've built so many businesses from the ground up and this ones the toughest. But the changes I've seen since then, is there's a lot more people entering into it.  The tequila business has grown since 14 yrs. ago…I've seen a lot of brands come and go. The people are way more sophisticated. They want to know how you make the tequila...  which has brought a guy like me into this ultra premium or super ultra premium market…the people.. they're sophisticated enough to know why it tastes so good and why they're paying the money.
PHIL: In time for the holiday season, AsomBroso Tequila released "the collaboration".
RICARDO: Its a silver oak, if you're familiar with silver oak up in napa, they were nice enough to allow me to have on of their barrels so there's only one barrel in the world of this. I took that barrel down to mexico and rested my 11 year into the 2000 cabernet sauvignon Napa. The box I thought would sell more with the packaging as a gift, that was the concept behind that. The top was a cork, but I made it a true decanter so the top is a south glass decanter and we have a custom seal that's on there that doesn't evaporate. The double barrels come in a true humidor.
The packaging  has been a pretty big success especially with the higher ends. 
PHIL: So, in an ever evolving industry, how important is brand advocacy? 
RICARDO: Word of mouth is everything. The face books and all that stuff  we're on it and we post all our stuff but i do not see the people coming and buying from them. Where I do see them is when I shake their hands or when they join our club, and then I come back and say "hey, the holidays are coming up, I've got a great deal with our tequila.” That's where I see social media working. 
PHIL: And in case you didn’t know.  Asombroso is my favorite tequila.