Jeff Bezos & the Future of Food

The Lempert Report
December 15, 2023

Jeff Bezos is doing some really cool things. It's really the Bezos Earth Fund that he has funded. It's not just him. Dr Andrew Steer, who is the president and CEO of the Bezos Earth Fund, has announced $57 million in food-related grants to tackle threats of climate change and biodiversity loss. They've committed actually $1 billion to tackling the food system's impact on climate and nature. What Steer has said, and I quote "we cannot afford for food to be on the sidelines of climate and nature conversations any longer. Food is a victim problem, a solution in the climate and nature crisis, and we must raise its profile in the discussion and for the Bezos Earth Fund. I think that more efforts like this certainly Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation has been working on food for over a decade. At this point, they've done some great work, bezos doing great work. This is what we need if we're really going to solve the food and climate crisis.

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