Bring Some Competition to Your Super Bowl Snacks!

The Lempert Report
January 23, 2015

How can you get customers -old and new- engaged in a little healthy competition?

The Super Bowl is just a week away and what better way to get ready for the big game than with a little healthy food competition.

Someone who’s already doing that is PepsiCo, who asked top culinary students to create the ultimate in Super Bowl party foods using their food and beverages as ingredients. Four student teams at The Culinary Institute of America went to war for PepsiCo's "Game Day Grub Match" competition. Two of the four teams will then head to Phoenix where the Super Bowl is being held, have their dishes sampled at an NFL event and the winning team will get tickets to the Big Game and a $5,000 scholarship!

Not a bad way to use a popular nationwide event to gain attention for your brand. Which got us thinking…why couldn’t supermarkets do something like this also? Supermarkets could host a Super Bowl healthy foods competition. Why not have customers come up with a recipe that’s a healthy twist on a super bowl favorite. There could be a taste test held at the store and even have the winning dish and recipe named and handed out on game day.

Using such popular events like the Super Bowl to create a buzz around a store and get shoppers involved is a great way to engage current customers and also bring in new ones… with a week to go, it’s not too late!