Bugs in your Ice Cream?

The Lempert Report
July 22, 2015

Also, fancy teas at Dunkin Donuts and a global foodies dream. Check out food news from this week!

BUG ICE CREAM! It may be summer, but are you hot enough to eat Bug Ice cream? That's what The Economist is asking Londeners to do.. the publication is currently taking an ice cream truck round the city with four free insect flavors to try: Scurry Berry, elderberry and raspberry with mixed insect bits; Choc Hopper, which includes chunks of grasshopper; Strawberries and Swirls, mixed with meal-worms; and Nutritious Neapolitan, which includes "mixed critters." What do you think?  Are you hot enough to eat bugs? http://creativity-online.com/work/the-economist-insect-ice-cream/42581

DUNKIN' DONUTS ADDS FANCY TEAS!  Dunkin' Donuts will soon been encroaching on Starubucks territory even more.  In October the company will start selling fancy teas! Chris Fuqua, VP  of Marketing told Bloomberg the popular donut and coffee franchise will be testing five flavors of teas, such as black tea, hibiscus, mint, chamomile and a blend called "harmony leaf." http://www.businessinsider.com/dunkin-donuts-selling-fancy-teas-2015-7

THE GLOBAL FOOD SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE If you're keen to try some foreign food but can't travel, there's now a subscription service for you! It's called, Try The World, a food subscription service so foodies can "discover the world through food." Subscribers sign up to receive a box full of 6-7 gourmet food items from a different country every two months. http://www.businessinsider.com/try-the-world-food-subscription-service-2015-6